Orcatorch D710V Underwater Video Light Review - CAVE DIVING

Orcatorch D710V Underwater Video Light Review - CAVE DIVING

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We're currently exploring the Florida Cave Country, and today we're bringing you a review of the Orcatorch D710V underwater video light. Let's dive into the details.

OrcaTorch D710V Video Light Cave Diving Review

In the box, you'll find the D710V inside a padded carrying case with the Orcatorch logo. The package includes the light, a 21700 5000mAh rechargeable battery, a USB Type-C charging cable, three spare O-rings, a ZJ18 ball joint bracket, a lanyard, and user guides with product information and warranty card.

OrcaTorch D710V Video Light What's in the box

Skipping the technical details, let's get into the real action. We're heading to Orange Grove for a video showcase while discussing some key specifications.

Using the D710V inside a cave, you can notice the difference in lighting compared to a standard dive light. The D710V features a 120° wide-angle beam with various settings, such as high white light (2000 lumens for 90 minutes), low white light (600 lumens for 185 minutes), red light, and UV light (2.5 lumens for 400 minutes).

OrcaTorch D710V Video Light Cave Diving Max 2000 Lumens
OrcaTorch D710V Underwater Video Light Cave Diving Red light

Switching between settings, the red light creates an eerie atmosphere inside the cave, offering a unique diving experience. The UV setting highlights fossils embedded in limestone, making them glow. The titanium alloy switch button with a battery indicator is user-friendly and intuitive.

OrcaTorch D710V Underwater Video Light Cave Diving UV light
OrcaTorch D710V Underwater Video Light Battery Indicator

As we navigate through the cave, the D710V showcases its ability to provide a full picture with improved visibility. The red light adds a different dimension to the underwater environment, creating captivating visuals.

OrcaTorch D710V Underwater Video Light, Cave Diving, creating captivating visuals

In conclusion, the Orcatorch D710V is a versatile and durable dive light. The ability to use different colors enhances the diving experience, and the UV setting unveils hidden details in the cave. The light's waterproof feature up to 150 meters adds to its all-around greatness.

I highly recommend the Orcatorch D710V for its quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Having used several Orcatorch products, I can vouch for their excellence. The D710V is a fantastic addition to any diver's gear, and I'm planning to get another one for even more creative lighting setups. Dive into the Orcatorch experience with the D710V – you won't be disappointed. - AdventureSmith

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