For specific shipping situations of each order, please contact our customer service:

Orders will be fulfilled within 48 hours.

It will take 5 - 20 days for the shipping.

In many areas, Saturday and Sunday delivery may not be available. Otherwise, our shipping methods apply to business days only, not weekends or holidays. Expedited shipping is NOT available in any location.

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the track and trace data.

Please note: for orders shipped to an address, the buyer may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied when the shipment reaches the specified delivery address. The buyer will be responsible for the payment of such import duties and taxes. It should be noted that OrcaTorch has no control over these charges and, since these charges are different for different countries, OrcaTorch cannot predict their amount. If you have special instructions, please leave us a message before you check out your order.

The buyer bears the responsibility for the correct input of the delivery address; in case anything goes wrong with the shipment of an order due to an error in the delivery address made by the buyer, OrcaTorch cannot be held responsible for the (partial) loss of the shipment. In case OrcaTorch needs additional information regarding a delivery address, the buyer may be approached by OrcaTorch in order to provide additional information. A delay in the delivery may occur in case additional information regarding the delivery address is needed.

OrcaTorch will use all reasonable efforts to deliver the order within the expected delivery terms to the delivery address.

If delivery suffers a delay, or if the delivery cannot be implemented, or only partially, the buyer will be informed about this as soon as reasonably possible after the order has been placed. In this case, the buyer has a right to dissolve the contract free of charge.

The risk of damage and/or loss of products rests upon OrcaTorch up to the moment of delivery to the delivery address unless this has explicitly been agreed otherwise.

In case the buyer receives a product that the buyer did not order, the buyer must inform OrcaTorch hereof as soon as possible (within 24 hours after receiving the order) by email (or through the contact page of the Website). The buyer will take care of the return shipment of such a product after receiving return instructions from OrcaTorch and OrcaTorch will bear the costs of this shipment and will subsequently take care of the shipment of the correct product to the buyer, provided the buyer has fully conformed with the return instructions from OrcaTorch.

In case a product has been delivered to the buyer in a damaged or incomplete state, the buyer must inform the OrcaTorch customer care team as soon as possible (within 24 hours after receiving the order) through the website Subsequently, OrcaTorch will decide how to deal with the matter at hand; the customer must always inform OrcaTorch in the aforementioned situation(s) and wait for the instructions of the OrcaTorch customer care team. A customer who returns a product in this situation at his own costs, without first contacting and awaiting the instructions of the customer care team, cannot claim the costs he/she made at OrcaTorch (nor hold OrcaTorch responsible for the return shipment that took place without the prior consent of OrcaTorch).

In case the order that has been shipped or is being shipped by OrcaTorch to the buyer, is missing, went missing, or in case the buyer claims that he/she did not receive the order (despite information such as the track & trace data/carrier information, indicating otherwise), the complaint procedure of the carrier will be started and the outcome of this procedure will be awaited before any refund or re-shipment shall take place. The buyer will fully cooperate with the complaint procedure of the carrier.

In case of a shipment that went missing as the result of an error by the carrier (and after the complaint procedure of the carrier has been completed), OrcaTorch will either refund the customer or OrcaTorch will try to re-ship the ordered product.

In case a shipment still has not been delivered at the delivery address of the buyer (or the pickup point) 14 days after the shipment date the buyer has the obligation to inform the OrcaTorch customer care team by email within 14 days (so: ultimately 28 days after the shipment date).