D710 Dive Light

Max 3000 Lumens

Featured Testimonials

The D530 is an excellent dive light. It has a long battery life, is bright, compact, and is well contructed. Best of all is the excellent customer service. This is a company that stands behind their product.

Steven Huff

The OrcaTorch d910v is a powerful and solid light. I have been using it as a focus and video light and I love the results. It has a wide beam and long burn time. It also has a quick recharge time. This light has become a must have for my wide angle and macro photo and video shooting. It will always have a place on my camera housing.

Mark Nevin

The OrcaTorch D630 is a great primary light. The locking button is pretty handy also. Cable length is good also, obviously the best feature is the SM backmount swivel.I did burn tests and all the burn times are accurate. It really is a great light especially for the price.

Luke Dunsby