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What's the lifespan of OrcaTorch Li-ion battery?

Why do we choose battery pack for D630?


How should I maintain my dive light?

Why does my dive light flicker ?

The reason why my OrcaTorch diving light can't change modes normally

I often visit airchambers when cave diving, and want to be able to use my light there. Can your lights be used in dry air? Ex D620 and D630

Will any of your other brighter lights fit in the d560 mask mount?

How do you replace the O-rings?

Do i need to add an O-ring to the torch before using it?

Has OrcaTorch been tested in cold salt water? Just wanting to know if the O-rings will hold up when cold.

After-sale Service

How to get after-sale service quickly?

Does light have a warranty?

Where is the serial number on Orca Torch?


How long does it take for me to receive my order?

Where can I find the status of my order?

Are there any shipment costs?


Why would a very narrow beam be beneficial to a diver, as compared to a regular light?

What is the color temperature?