Dive into Brilliance: Unveiling the OrcaTorch D710V Dive Video Light

Dive into Brilliance: Unveiling the OrcaTorch D710V Dive Video Light

Today, I'm reviewing the new OrcaTorch D710V Dive Video light.

Notable features include a built-in Battery Indicator in the switch, with Green indicating over 30% charge, Red for 10% to 30%, and Flashing Red for less than 10%.

OrcaTorch D710V Underwater Video Light

The package includes a Protective Storage Case, Ball Joint bracket, Lanyard, USB Type C Charging cable, User Manual, 3 extra O-Rings, Warranty Card, OrcaTorch Product Sheet, and a Rechargeable Battery.

OrcaTorch D710V U/w video light What is in the box? Accessories

The D710V Dive Video Light boasts Tri-Color LEDs (White, Red, and UV) with four settings:

White Light High: 2000 Lumens, Runtime 1.5 hours
White Light Low: 600 Lumens, Runtime 3 hours 5 minutes
Red Light: 125 Lumens, Runtime 4.5 hours
UV Light: 2.5 Lumens, Runtime 6 hours 40 minutes

OrcaTorch D710V Tri-Color White, Red, UV Dive Light

For those engaging in underwater activities, this light enhances visibility. It's recommended for divers, snorkelers, explorers, and underwater photographers.

Impressive features of the D710V Light include Tri-Color LEDs, a wide beam angle, titanium alloy button switch, Battery Indicator, Over-Heat Protection, self-lock function, water-resistant construction (up to 150 meters), and more.

Registering your OrcaTorch dive lights extends the warranty by an extra year.

While the D710V comes with one battery, it's advisable to purchase an additional one for extended use. The Dive Video Light offers versatile options for filming and diving.

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