Zoomable Dive Light 8°-76°

OrcaTorch D630 V2.0 4000 Lumens Powerful Canister Dive Light for Cave Diving, Wreck Diving, etc - OrcaTorch Technology Limited
OrcaTorch D710 Max 3000 Lumens Dive Light Four Color Options
OrcaTorch D620 V2.0 2700 Lumens Primary Canister Dive Light for Technical Diving - OrcaTorch Technology Limited
OrcaTorch D910V 5000 Lumens High CRI Neutral White Video Light for Underwater Photography - OrcaTorch Technology Limited
OrcaTorch SD03 Multifunctional 4-colour Dive Beacon - OrcaTorch Technology Limited

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Steffen Schmitt

Even unpacking the D630 v2.0 canister dive light is a real pleasure, as the tank lamp is delivered in a perfectly configured transport case. The lamp then reveals its full power under the surface. With the new pressure switch, 3 power levels can be set and thus adapted to different lighting situations. The light cone is a very good compromise for using the D630 to transmit signals to your diving partner or simply to set the scene for the underwater landscape. The Goodman handle can be easily adjusted to the diver's hand. It also contains several options for hanging the torch away using a carabiner. The battery tank can be easily attached to the belt or harness. Here too, the Orcatorch team has found a more comfortable solution compared to the first generation. Thanks to the powerful rechargeable battery, the lamp feels like it lasts half an eternity. I use it regularly, especially on wreck dives in cold water, and I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you Team Orcatorch. You are simply great.

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Founded in 2014 by a group of fervent flashlight enthusiasts, technology aficionados and scuba divers, OrcaTorch emerged with a resolute vision: to illuminate not just the depths of the sea, but also the path toward a sustainable and thriving marine ecosystem.

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First impressions of the OrcaTorch ZD710 Zoomable Dive Light

First impressions of the OrcaTorch ZD710 Zoomable Dive Light

Last week I was happy to receive the OrcaTorch ZD710 zoomable dive light, and obviously, I took it along for a first dive over the weekend. Receiving the OrcaTorch ZD710 zoomable dive light was ba...
Dive Light or Underwater Strobe, that’s the question (or is it?)

Dive Light or Underwater Strobe, that’s the question (or is it?)

What to choose if you are an underwater photographer; are you only going to use ambient light, will you invest in one or two dive lights or do you choose for one or more underwater strobes? Asking...
OrcaTorch D700 Dive Light Review – Simplicity does it!

OrcaTorch D700 Dive Light Review – Simplicity does it!

If there is one dive light that will accompany me on every single dive it’s the OrcaTorch D700 dive light! Robust and fail safe; just these two terms provide an excellent description of this dive l...

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OrcaTorch D710 Dive Light Max 3000 Lumens

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