OrcaTorch WS01 Wrist Strap - OrcaTorch Dive Lights
OrcaTorch WS01 Wrist Strap - OrcaTorch Dive Lights
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OrcaTorch WS01 Wrist Strap

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WS01 wrist strap is suitable for OrcaTorch D500, D500V, D520,D530, D550, D700 and D710. It is also suitable for flashlight diameter 24-28mm. 

Friendly Tips: If you are going to use the dive light with this wrist strap, we suggest you make sure attach the light securely to the wrist strap with a landyard. The wrist strap is to free your hand, while the landyard can prevent the light from falling off the wrist strap.

* One size suitable for most of flashlights which diameter bettween 24-28mm
* For use with or without gloves, can be used on left or right hand freely
* The thickened but soft durable canvas can fix the flashlight with your hand tightly, free your hand in the water, really comfortable
* Fast dry after use, magic tape design,very easy to operate