OrcaTorch B90 Battery Pack for D900V, D910V - OrcaTorch Dive Lights

OrcaTorch B90 Battery Pack for D900V, D910V

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Having spare batteries to run your dive light has some major advantages. If you are planning to go on a live-aboard dive trip they are a must. Keep your torch lit with freshly charged spare batteries and experience no downtime between dive, because you must wait for your battery to be quickly charged. B90 battery pack is compatible with the Orca Torch D900V and D910V.

* Allows Quick Turn Around Between Dives
* Great for Live-Aboard Dive Trips
* Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
* Specifically Designed for Orca Torch D900V and D910V video light
* Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Design
* Charge Time, 2.5-Hours
* Neutral White (flood beam), 2.75-Hour High Setting of 2200 Lumens
4.3-Hours Low Setting of 600 Lumens
4-Hours at High Cool White (spot beam) Setting of 820 Lumens
18-Hours in Low Setting of 250 Lumens

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