OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 Canister Dive Light for Technical Diving Review

OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 Canister Dive Light for Technical Diving Review

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Technical diving places great demands on our dive equipment, with the possibility of failure as not acceptable or, at a minimum, manageable.

Underwater dive lights play a major role in all fields of technical, recreational and commercial diving. Increased depths accompanied with poor visibility or overhead environments often leave us in pitch blackness, where you will quickly find your trusty dive light as a best friend.

Over the decades, underwater dive lights have evolved from large Plexiglas style tubes with heavy battery packs strapped to the divers sides with very limited burn times and insufficient brightness to today’s small robust handheld or mini canister style lights with amazing brightness and incredible burn times.

The Orcatorch D630 V2.0 canister dive light is just such an example of today’s miniature canister style dive lights with a goodman style handheld lighthead. The diver can easily attach the small canister in any position, from the waist strap to across the back of the harness. Its small canister size virtually makes it unnoticeable while the heavy-duty cord easily routes to the divers’ hand or, if desired, helmet. The three position brightness option switch provides continuous light from 5 to 23 hours on a single charge with 4000 to 460 lumen output.

Advanced Diver Magazine tested the Orcatorch D630 V2.0 for several months through a variety of technical dive conditions and locations and found it highly durable and extremely reliable. Its size, burn times, and light output options make it a brilliant choice for even the most experienced recreational diver or technical explorer.

I'd gave it 5 stars out of 5. 
Curt Bowen

Diver with OrcaTorch D630 canister dive light

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