OrcaTorch 6th Search for Atlantis Photo Contest

OrcaTorch 6th Search for Atlantis Photo Contest

Over the past 5 years, we received many photos from divers worldwide exploring Atlantis's mysteries. This year, we're back as promised!

OrcaTorch 6th Search for Atlantis Photo Contest officially started on April 15, 2024.

The contest is open to all diving enthusiasts and professionals around the world. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the mysteries of the deep and capture stunning images of marine life!! You will have the chance to win a total of over US$3500 prizes, including our D950V 2.0 high lumens underwater video dive light!!

How to Join ( 15th Apri - 15th Jun, 2024):
1. Sharing up to 5 photos using only two hashtags #OrcaTorch and #SearchforAtlantis2024 on Instagram, please notice to use only 2 hashtags.
2. Submitting the entry link to our website(check it on our highlight story post)- https://www.searchatlantiscontest.com/join-contest

Welcome to your join, learn more info here https://www.searchatlantiscontest.com

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