Night Dive With OrcaTorch D530 UV Dive Light

Night Dive With OrcaTorch D530 UV Dive Light

Diving during the day is an incredible experience, but exploring the ocean at night unveils an entirely different world. A few weeks before my Red Sea dive trip, I was offered the opportunity to test the D530V ultraviolet light. 

Now, onto the D530V UV dive light. Daytime divers are familiar with the diminishing light as depth increases. At night, a dive light becomes essential. The D530V ultraviolet light serves as a valuable addition to your primary and backup lights, exclusively designed for ultraviolet functionality.

Alternatively, if you desire an ultraviolet light with additional features, consider the D710V video light. It offers ultraviolet, white light, and red light settings – a three-in-one solution. The footage you're currently watching was captured with the D710V, showcasing an eel hunting at night, a rare sight during the day.

The D530V UV can add fluorescent colors to the surroundings, as demonstrated with anemone fish. Whether the D530 is a standalone dive light depends on your needs. If you already possess primary and backup lights and seek UV capability, it's a worthy addition. However, if you're looking for a versatile light for videos, the D710 might be a better choice with its ultraviolet, white, and red light settings.

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