OrcaTorch D710 Scuba Diving Lamp Review - Beyond Expectations

OrcaTorch D710 Scuba Diving Lamp Review - Beyond Expectations

The OrcaTorch D710 scuba diving lamp stands out as a brilliant, compact, and practical diving lamp that serves well as both a primary and backup lamp for recreational and technical diving, meeting all your scuba diving illumination requirements.

OrcaTorch D710 Scuba Diving Lamp

As a close-circuit rebreather and open-circuit technical diver, along with being a recreational open water instructor, I've incorporated the D710 scuba diving lamp into my diving gear. In addition to the D710, I own and use a D630 canister light and four D520 portable lights in rotation. Having taken the D710 on week-long Great Lakes dive trips, reaching depths of 256 ft (78 m) with temperatures as low as 36 °F (2.2 °C), I've also utilized it in recreational leisure dives, night dives, and open water training dives. The D710 proves to be a fun, user-friendly, powerful, and stylish dive light that often garners admiration from fellow divers.

OrcaTorch D710 Scuba Diving Lamp in the Box

1. Single-handed operations!
2. Bright: 1700 lm (3000* lm available if needed)
3. 6° focused beam
4. Performs well down to 256 ft/78 m (rated at 150 m) in 36 °F water.
5. Good battery life for two-hour long dives: 21700 battery (18 Wh = 5000 mAh @ 3.6 V)
6. Solid construction, comfortable grip, elegant yet not heavy
7. Compact form factor (does not "drag" when clipped off and dangled from the upper-chest D-ring)

1. 3000 lm for one minute only (caution: usable battery life drops rapidly when and after operating in max lumen mode)
2. Light color 6500 K is daylight and somewhat cold, leading to more prominent catching and backscattering from suspended particulates. Adjust brightness level if scenes appear washed out.
3. Push-button switch can be challenging to locate at times, especially when wearing gloves

The OrcaTorch D710 scuba diving lamp has secured its place in the high-end dive light category. Despite its approachable price tag, the light's performance rivals that of higher-priced elite brand lights. It's a visually appealing and enjoyable dive light that has replaced the D520 as my go-to in all diving and teaching scenarios, even in technical dives.

I highly recommend the D710 for all diving conditions and occasions, and I'm eager to experience Ice Diving with the D710 scuba diving lamp.

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