OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 Canister Dive Light Review: Illuminating the Depths

OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 Canister Dive Light Review: Illuminating the Depths

A dive light is undeniably one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for any diver. Given that the essence of diving lies in exploring the underwater world, having a reliable light source becomes paramount. In low-light conditions, your dive light takes precedence, second only to your mask in importance. Primary dive lights often come with a hefty price tag, justified by features such as high-power LEDs, massive battery packs, and rugged construction. In this review, we explore whether the Orcatorch D630 v2.0 canister dive light, priced just under $660, lives up to its promise and if it's a worthy investment compared to more expensive alternatives.
OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 canister dive light
Performance and Brightness:
The Orcatorch D630 V2 boasts five high-intensity Cree LEDs, collectively producing an impressive 4,000 lumens. This makes it one of the most powerful spotlights I have ever used. In comparison to previous models, the D630 V2's canister battery can sustain the high-brightness mode for a remarkable 5 hours. The light beam, with a 7° tight focus, creates a lightsaber-like effect underwater, while its spill illuminates the surroundings, providing a comprehensive view.

Design and Functionality:
The D630 v2.0 canister dive light features a titanium button for ease of use, allowing users to toggle between different settings effortlessly. An indicator LED near the button informs users of the battery status. The battery pack, with four LEDs indicating its charge level, passes the color-blindness test effectively. A safety lock function prevents accidental discharge, addressing the inherent dangers of high-performance LEDs.

OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 canister dive lights for technical diving

Unique Features:
A distinctive aspect of the D630 V2 is its back mount and side mount capability, offering flexibility by allowing users to adjust the cable's angle as it leaves the canister. I initially concerns about potential failure points but later found the mechanism robust after examination. The adjustable Goodman handle adds versatility, accommodating various hand sizes. I cleverly incorporates elastic webbing to customize the handle for a preferred diving style.

Durability and Build:
Constructed from aluminum and coated with a mil-spec anodized finish, the D630 V2 exhibits a sleek and durable design. The toughened glass on the light head enhances durability, ensuring resistance to cracks. The overall fit and finish out of the box impressed me.

OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 canister dive light for cave diving

In the realm of dive gear, trade-offs are inevitable, balancing functionality, durability, and cost. The Orcatorch D630 V2, while not the cheapest option, offers a compelling alternative to more expensive canister lights without sacrificing essential features. With a price point just under $660, including a quality case, this dive light proves to be a valuable investment for both back mount and side mount divers.

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