OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 Canister Dive Light Review

OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 Canister Dive Light Review

Embark on a journey of unparalleled underwater illumination with the OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 canister dive ight! During my recent expedition to Capernwray, this extraordinary dive light proved its mettle as both a reliable light source and an impressive modeling companion.

Test Conditions
Location: Capernwray Quarry, UK
Visibility: 6-8m
Temperature: 14 degrees C
No of Dives: 2

OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 canister dive light for wreck diving

Ease of use takes center stage with the D630. Featuring a secure lock mechanism to prevent accidental activation, the user-friendly switch ensures effortless operation even with thick gloves. Navigating through modes is a breeze with a simple button press, allowing for seamless adaptation to various underwater scenarios.

The D630 canister dive light's exceptional performance was evident in the challenging, green and murky dive conditions. This powerhouse effortlessly cut through the less-than-perfect water, providing clarity and visibility. Its versatility shines through with easy mounting and an adjustable cable angle, allowing customization for optimal positioning and hose routing.

OrcaTorch D630 v2.0 Canister Dive Light

One standout feature is its ability to serve beyond lighting the depths. After multiple extended dives, the D630 canister dive light showcased its utility by charging my phone, a testament to its enduring battery life. The transparent battery indicator ensures you're always informed, eliminating the risk of running out of power during a dive.

Tailored for wreck diving and overhead environments, the D630 canister dive light boasts rugged durability and a superior light beam. While I haven't tested it at night, I am confident it would excel in this setting as well. Priced at $659.95, this dive light is a worthwhile investment, depth-rated to 150m and offering an impressive 5-hour battery life—making it an indispensable companion for your next underwater adventure.

OrcaTorch D630 V2.0 canister dive light

Note: This D630 canister dive light review was sponsored by OrcaTorch. The D630 light was provided to Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown. All comments, tests and thoughts in relation to the light are honest and strictly that of Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown.

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