OrcaTorch D570-GL Dive Light with a Green Laser Pointer Review

OrcaTorch D570-GL Dive Light with a Green Laser Pointer Review

Introducing the OrcaTorch D570-GL, a handheld dive light boasting 1000 lumens designed for both recreational and commercial diving purposes. The package includes essential accessories such as an 18650 lithium-ion battery, USB cable, charger, lanyard, extra o-rings, and an owner's manual. This versatile dive light features two independently controlled light sources, comprising a white beam and a green laser, making it ideal for various underwater activities, including low light scuba diving, rescue signaling, object identification, and wildlife observation during water-based activities like boating and kayaking.

OrcaTorch D570-GL Dive Light with a Green Laser Pointer Review

Pros of the Dive Light:

The OrcaTorch D570-GL stands out as a well-designed dive light, capturing our interest during testing. Despite our unfamiliarity with the OrcaTorch brand, we were impressed by the compact yet powerful design of the D570-GL, ensuring effective light coverage even in plankton-rich environments. Following a quick pre-dive charge, we submerged the torch, with Joey utilizing it as his primary light source alongside my strobes and underwater camera.

OrcaTorch D570-GL was sufficient for use as a primary dive light

In terms of functionality, Joey tested the light and laser features, confirming that the brightness provided by the D570-GL was sufficient for use as a primary light. Its compact size also made it a viable option as a backup light. Switching between the light and laser proved to be straightforward, requiring a simple press of the titanium alloy button. This simplicity, especially crucial in cold water conditions with bulky dive gloves, made the D570-GL highly appealing.

The standout feature that led us to test this light was its green laser capability. As underwater photographers, having a light that allows a dive partner to point out subjects from a distance was particularly attractive. The green beam projected an impressive distance, enabling Joey to locate and highlight fascinating creatures while maintaining a comfortable distance.

Cons of the Dive Light:

While the OrcaTorch D570-GL excelled as a dive light, its battery life emerged as its primary drawback. A full charge provided approximately two hours of usage, a duration further reduced in colder water. Given our typical two-dive days lasting 60-75 minutes each, the light risked running out of battery midway through the second dive. Consequently, we opted to keep a backup light on hand.

Despite this limitation, the LED battery indicator light on the switch button proved invaluable. It offered a quick overview of the remaining charge, with green indicating above 70%, orange for 30-70%, red for 10-30%, and a flashing red light signaling a charge below 10%.


Note: This D570-GL dive light review was sponsored by OrcaTorch. The D570-GL light was provided to Dive Buddies 4 Life. All comments, tests and thoughts in relation to the light are honest and strictly that of Dive Buddies 4 Life.

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