OrcaTorch D570-GL 2-in-1 Laser Dive Light with Surprising Features

OrcaTorch D570-GL 2-in-1 Laser Dive Light with Surprising Features

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The Orcatorch D570-GL 2-in-1 laser dive light is a remarkable piece of dive gear that caught my attention. 

OrcaTorch D570-GL Scuba Diving Light with Laser 2-in-1

The Orcatorch D570-GL laser dive light boasts a powerful illumination combination with a 1,000-lumen white light and a 1mW green laser. The maximum output of 1,000 lumens ensures a bright and clear underwater experience. The runtime on a single charge is approximately 1 hour and 51 minutes, providing ample time for exploration. The narrow 8° beam angle and a peak beam intensity of 19,800 CD promise focused and intense lighting.

OrcaTorch D570-GL Laser Dive Light

Designed to withstand the rigors of underwater adventures, the Orcatorch D570-GL exhibits a robust impact resistance of 1 meter. With an impressive depth rating of 150 meters, this dive light exceeds the depth requirements for most diving scenarios.

The unique feature of the Orcatorch D570 is the inclusion of a green laser, which can run for an astonishing 11 hours and 36 minutes. I am impressed about the underwater application of the laser, making it easier to point out details to fellow divers.

Upon unboxing, the compact and sturdy construction of the dive light is evident, likely made from aluminum. The single button on the device also functions as the battery indicator light. I appreciates the thoughtful inclusion of a lanyard for easy tethering and the well-lubricated double set of O-rings.

The Orcatorch D570's underwater performance is AMAZING during a night dive in Grand Cayman. The compact design, powerful illumination, and long battery life make it a standout choice for both recreational and professional divers.

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