[FAQ] Dive Lights - What You Should Know?

The basics

>> Lumens – It’s a measurement used to calculate the total light output for a diving torch. The higher the Lumens (lm) the more light is emitted. To compare; a 100watt light bulb emits about 1750 Lumens.

OrcaTorch D530

>> Angle of Light Beam – Depending on the angle of the beam determines how narrow or wide the light output is. The more narrow the light beam the more concentrated the light output is in one spot (great for concentrating in one particular area) compared with the same Lumen output at a wide angle beam which spreads the light output to a wider distance (ideal for lighting up a larger area).

>> Battery Life – It goes without saying that the battery life of your torch is important. Obviously if you are down for 1 hour, you want your torch to be operating at full capacity for the whole duration.

>> Weight – Whatever the reason you are using your dive torch it’s important to consider the weight. If you are looking to attach your new dive light to an underwater housing unit then it wouldn’t be ideal to use a torch which weighs a lot as this could make it difficult while transporting your gear or navigating under the water.

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