A Review of the OrcaTorch TD01 Dual Color Dive Headlamp

A Review of the OrcaTorch TD01 Dual Color Dive Headlamp

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I recently received the TD01 Dual Color Dive Headlamp from OrcaTorch. The TD01 dive headlamp comes neatly packaged in a stylish case, and upon opening it, I found not only the light itself but also several attachments.

Karen van den Oever Review the OrcaTorch TD01 Dive Headlamp

Included in the package is a head strap, allowing you to conveniently mount the light on your head. Additionally, there is an attachment designed for mounting the light on a helmet.

The TD01 dive headlamp boasts an impressive 1,200 lumens and is rated to illuminate up to 150 meters. What sets it apart is its versatility, as it can be used both underwater and on land, making it a practical choice. The light offers various settings, including two different power modes for white light and a red light setting with multiple modes.

OrcaTorch TD01 Dive Headlamp White Light Max 1200 Lumens
OrcaTorch TD01 Dive Headlamp Red Light
Red light wide beam angle 120°

Having taken it on a dive, I can attest to its functionality at depths of 30 meters. The hands-free experience is particularly enjoyable, and navigating through the different functions is remarkably easy. Adjusting the direction of the light beam while diving is also a simple task.

OrcaTorch TD01 Dive Headlamp

In conclusion, the Orca Torch TD01 is a remarkable light that proves to be highly useful for cave diving. Its multiple settings, ease of use, and impressive illumination make it a valuable companion for underwater adventures.

Note: All comments, tests and thoughts in relation to the light are honest and strictly that of Karen van den Oever.

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